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Ruteng, Vox NTT- Ruteng is one of the town in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province. The capital of Manggarai Regency is included in the list of cold town in Indonesia by skyscanner. The town is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level.

Ruteng town has a view like in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It’s because many buildings in the Ruteng town are in European style.

Moreover, there is the beauty of the Golo Lusang hill in the south which is covered in green forests, like cities in the Europe Continent.

The natural landscape on the Golo Lusang hill is neatly lined up, with shrouded in mist that sometimes swept by the wind.

In the northern part, one direction of view is closed with Golo Curu, the hill which is one of the religious sights in Manggarai.

Golo Curu hill is located about 2 kilometers from the center of Ruteng town. On it, there is a cave statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Aside from being a religious tourist spot for Catholics, Golo Curu hill also offers the beauty of the exotic natural scenery around it. Plus, the winding road to the top of the Golo Curu hill certainly adds to its own sensation.

If you go to Golo Curu, visitors are free to enjoy the beautiful views of Watu Alo and Kenda rice fields in the north.

Rows of rice fields combined with fertile rice provide beautiful rug.

Welcoming the morning sun, rows of rice fields are plastered with dew drops and are firmly attached to the leaves of rice, appearing to emit light like glittering pearls.

In the eastern part of Ruteng town, it is equally interesting. In the northeast, for example, there is Lingko Ratung, a tourist spot that must be visited if you go to Ruteng town.

To be able to access the natural beauty of Lingko Ratung, visitors can go to the Golo Cador.

Golo Cador is the name of a hill in the east of Frans Sales Lega Ruteng Airport, Satar Tacik Village, Langke Rembong Sub district.

Golo Cador is not far from the center of Ruteng town. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes on a motorcycle or car, you have arrived at this hill.

Access to this hill through two lines. Can go through Karot along the racetrack in Pitak Village. You can also take the Satar Tacik road along a small alley behind Frans Sales Lega Airport.

At the eastern end of the hill, you can stand free while enjoying the panoramic view of the rice fields with the amazing shape of the Lingko Ratung spider web. To the east you see the beauty of the rice fields.

On the Golo hill, grasses and shrubs on the left and right, swaying in the wind adds to the sensation of your visit.

Longer lasting, dark cold winds will surely encourage your hand to take the camera capturing rice field rugs in the form of exotic spider webs.

On this natural rug, you can freely enjoy the panoramic views of rice growing green to yellow ready for harvest

That’s stretched wide in the rice fields and simultaneously radiated the interesting of natural beauty.

The white fog which, while removing sun under the slopes of the Ranaka mountains in the southern part of Golo Cador, certainly be a complement and antidote to all the fatigue of your heart.

Not only in the Lingko Ratung section are interesting to look at. The northern part of where you stand on Golo Cador, the beauty of the rice fields belonging Wae Ri’i Sub district farmers will spoil your eyes.

Furthermore, in the western part from Ruteng town, there is Bahong Village hill, Ruteng Sub district. On the hill was built a residential area with a variety of house designs.

Some parts of the face of North Rahong District can also be seen northwest of Ruteng town.

Rubbish scares the Ruteng Town

It is said that, formerly Ruteng was known to have a myriad of natural beauty. The birds sound sweet from the green trees.

The rhythmic breeze from the Golo Lusang hill and its surroundings, always makes community of Ruteng feel at home with nature.

There was no stories about rubbish problems. Cool, calm and always present fresh oxygen to humans. The water is clear, abundant too. The inhabitants of the town are always happy.

Everyone who come stunned and amazed by the beautiful nature of Ruteng. But that’s a past story. Now are different. Ruteng has already developed. Population density also began to flourish.

The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), for example, released in 2015 the population in Langke Rembong Sub district was 76,374 people from a total of 319,607 residents in Manggarai Regency.

In 2016, added 2,776 people to 79,150 out of a total of 324,014 residents in Manggarai Regency.

This data shows an increase in population. Even so, Ruteng town is inhabited by the majority of Langke Rembong Sub district people, from year to year, of course there is an increase in population.

Population density indeed gave birth to various problems of human life. One of problem is related to garbage. Where there is population density, there must be a garbage problem.

This is because everyone will produce a certain amount of rubbish. If humans live in a lot of places, then the rubbish produced will also increase.

A few months before, garbage in Ruteng town is indeed increasingly alarming. Garbage is scattered at several points in the Ruteng town.

Besides disturbing and haunting the beauty of Ruteng town, trash that is disposed of freely on the roadside at some point gives off the smell of foul smell.

The Manggarai Regent, Deno Kamelus, is slashing grass in the northern part of Ruteng Market on Friday, February 8, 2019 ago (Photo: Ardy Abba / Vox NTT)

The myriad of garbage problems in Ruteng town sparked public attention, after Ruteng entered the list of the dirtiest small town in Indonesia, 2017/2018 period. This assessment was given by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK).

Deno Kamelus, Regent who does not want to be a garbage collector

Ruteng was named one of the dirtiest small town in Indonesia when Deno Kamelus served as Manggarai Regent.

Deno welcomed the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) assessment patiently. According to him, the assessment is a whip and a trigger to increase mutual awareness.

Ruteng being one of the dirtiest small town in Indonesia must be a common spirit of excitement, how important it is to maintain cleanliness.

Deno then thought, the rubbish problem cannot be solved with words alone, without going directly down to do the cleaning.

Therefore, he welcomed the rapid response from the Community Movement Group Cares with Trash (Gerakan Masyarakat Peduli Sampah- GMPS) Ruteng and other garbage-caring groups in that town, who quickly carry out hygiene movements.

Note, the spirit of Deno flourished to participate in cleaning up several places in Ruteng town after getting the title from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK).

On Friday, January 25, 2019, for example, he was directly involved in the mass cleaning movement at the Ruteng Market. The activity which brought hundreds of people at the time was initiated by GMPS Ruteng.

Cold whipping body skin due to rain when it did not dampen the spirit of Deno. Since the morning, rain continued to pour down on Ruteng town. Occasionally drizzle and occasionally drop heavily.

Due to rain since morning, the weather in Ruteng town seemed unfriendly. The sky is rather dark, there is no sunlight because it is covered in clouds.

This weather does not seem to be a barrier for Deno to gather on the Motang Rua Ruteng field with hundreds of residents.

At that time, GMPS collaborated with several parties, including, the state civil apparatus scope of Manggarai Regency Government, Indonesian Army and Indonesian National Police, Religious leaders and community leaders, Community Organization, Non-governmental organization, State-Owned Enterprises and Regional Owned Enterprises, Educational institutions, Youth organization, Regional People’s Representative Assembly, business representatives, traders, and others.

After the declaration of trash fighting at the Motang Rua field, Deno and a number of Regional Leadership Coordination Forums, as well as community and religious leaders then went down to clean up the garbage at the Ruteng Market. They also cleaned the drainage at the market located in the center of Ruteng town.

Car trash from the Manggarai Regional Environmental Agency (DLHD), the car belonging to the Office of the Civil Service Police Unit and Fire Department, as well as a number of community-owned cars were also mobilized in the cleaning activity.

Not only that day, Deno and GMPS then made a similar movement on Friday, February 8, 2019 ago. The cleaning locus is still in the Ruteng Market.

In this movement, GMPS as the initiator of the activity presented many parties. They are senior high school students, the state civil apparatus Scope of Manggarai Regency Government, Indonesian Army, and also traders from the Ruteng Market.

Then, on Friday, February 22, 2019, Deno also took part in the mass cleaning movement at Puni market.

In the activity which was still initiated by the GMPS, Deno was observed without hesitation in cleaning up garbage and public toilets in the market located in Pau Village, Langke Rembong Subdistrict.

The Manggarai Regent, Deno Kamelus is pulling grass on the roof of Pasar Puni on Friday, February 22, 2019 ago (Photo: Ardy Abba / Vox NTT)

On Friday, March 8, 2019, GMPS collaborated again with Deno on a talk show directly from Ruteng Market.

The activity aimed at providing education about cleanliness was broadcast live on Manggarai Radio 88.0 FM

In his remarks at several times the mass cleaning activities in Ruteng town, Deno always states that he and other related elements are present not to be garbage collectors.

According to Deno, he and other related elements were present directly to build awareness together to be responsible for the cleanliness around them.

Author: Ardy Abba