A number SMPK St. Fransiskus Ruteng students is painting on the terrace at Ruteng market buildings (Photo: Ardy Abba / Vox NTT)
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Ruteng, Vox NTT-“If the market is dirty, surely buyers are reluctant to go there. But if the (market) is beautiful and clean, it will increasingly attract buyers to come shopping at the market, “said Brother Landrikus Arwin Nasrani.

Brother Arwin was met by VoxNtt.com on the sidelines of mural activities at Ruteng market, Manggarai Regency, NTT, Saturday, May 18, 2019.

He welcomed when invited by the Movement Group Cares with Trash community (Gerakan Masyarakat Peduli Sampah- GMPS) to take part in mural activities at the market located in the center of Ruteng town.

For companion of Catholic Junior High School (SMPK) St. Fransiskus Ruteng students, mural activities on the market are very positive for buyers and sellers.

Brother Arwin himself is in line with GMPS commitment, which is to arrange the Ruteng Market to be beautiful and clean, and to maintain its environment to be comfortable for users.

In addition, he considered the art of painting in open spaces as a place for young people to be creative.

As a form of support, he also included SMPK St Fransiskus students to paint a terrace in one of the buildings in the Ruteng market.

“We have been painting here for two days. There are 23 painters from SMP Fransiskus and two companions, including me, “said Brother Arwin.

A number SMPK St. Fransiskus Ruteng students is painting on the terrace at Ruteng market buildings (Photo: Ardy Abba / Vox NTT)

He considered, behind the mural activities not only made Ruteng market beautiful, but it had an educational impact for students.

Social activities such as painting in the open space, said Brother Arwin, are in line with the demands of the 2013 curriculum (K13), which emphasizes character education for students.

He explained, the implementation of the K13 boils down to four important aspects. The four are, spiritual, social, knowledge and skills.

“Well, mural can be trained students emotion. They began to find their character when painting, “Brother Arwin said.

“If so far they (students) have painted on paper, now they are practicing in the field. They immediately study in the middle of the community to improve their social intelligence, “he continued.

GMPS Program

For information, mural activities in the Ruteng market were initiated by GMPS. The activity was immediately opened by the Regent of Manggarai Deno Kamelus on Friday, May 17, 2019 yesterday.

GMPS Ruteng Coordinator, Tiransius Kamilius Otwin Wisang said, mural activities are a community work program to organize the Ruteng market to be beautiful and clean.

“This mural is part of the GMPS work program to organize the Ruteng Market. Sometimes many people criticize the dirty market, but not many people are involved in cleaning it. I think this cleaning activity must be a shared responsibility, not just one party, “Otwin said.

The result of a mural on one of the terraces at Ruteng market building (Photo: Ardy Abba / Vox NTT)

Not only arranging the Ruteng market, according to Otwin, the mural activity is also a medium for channeling the talents of young people who have a spirit of painting or in the arts.

“Instead of participating in the act of vandalism, it is better to join here so that our painting talents are channeled so that we can produce art,” he said.

Author: Ardy Abba