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Lembata, Vox NTT-Continuing education to a higher level is a dream for many people. But it costs a lot. It is also only a dream since not many people know the information about scholarships.  BBaF or Berburu Beasiswa ala FAN (Forum Academia NTT) are well aware of this, so it continues presenting scholarship recipients from donor agencies and the Indonesian government. This mission continues to be done both off-Line class and On Line (WA Group) with the intent to disseminate the scholarship information and also motivate anyone who is interested to continue their studies.

This week BBaF Rote on-Line class presents Ricky Ronaldi Therik, an officer who works at RSU Prof. Dr. W.Z. Johannes Kupang. He is an alumnus of FKM UNDANA who received a scholarship from the Regional Government and completed his Postgraduate Studies in Health Law at UGM. He will continue his doctoral study in the field of Public Health after obtaining a scholarship from LPDP BIT. He was preparing to choose Yonsei University in South Korea or George Manson University in United States of America.

This week On-line discussion was conducted on Sunday, December 17th, 2017, started from 7 pm end was ended at 9pm. In sharing with participants, Ricky said that we need to make ourselves unique so that we can compete with others. “Good Academic achievement and fluently English speaking is not enough. An applicant must have unique profile (a plus side from good)”, he said. How to be unique? Ricky shared his experience of how he used all his resources and means to earn his dream of continuing his studies at a higher level. He repeatedly emphasized that we have to use our Smartphone wisely either to seek information about scholarships, learning English or contacting a prospective professors if we want to conduct research.

Answering the question why he chose LPDP (BIT), Ricky said that the LPDP scholarship that embodies his dream to continue his studies is no less than other prestigious scholarships such as the Australian Awards Scholarship (AAS). Even these scholarships, specifically BIT, is open only for eastern Indonesia to compete for it and this means that the opportunity to get it is broader than others. But that does not mean we do not have to work hard to get it. Making a unique profile is a matter of concern; any form of contribution in society should be recorded and documented. Many recipients said that an attractive Curriculum Vitae is one of the tricks beside others that have been shared in this sections.

Closing the discussion session, Ricky said: “We must try it because if not, we do not know our ability. Being a unique candidate does not only mean having good academic achievements and speaking English very well but also having a real contributions in the community.”

Author: Yanto Kapa Djeen

Editor: Rini Kartini/HOS