One of the GMPS member is painting the drum
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Ruteng, Vox NTT-The Community Movement Group Cares with Trash (Gerakan Masyarakat Peduli Sampah- GMPS) Ruteng, Manggarai Regency began designing asphalt drums into colorful bins.

This creative group uses used drums provided by the Office of Public Works and Spatial Planning in Manggarai Regency to become trash cans that value art. Group members design it like the color of a rainbow.

The originator of this rainbow patterned bins idea was GMPS Ruteng Coordinator, Tiransius Kamilius Otwin Wisang. He is an alumni of Bali’s Udayana University, Art and Design Program.

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Otwin Wisang said, garbage might always be identified with something disgusting. Likewise with garbage bins, surely the focus of view tends to lead to dirty things.

However, he and GMPS members began to commit, changing the focus of that view by designing trash bins to have artistic value.

Otwin explained, the color of the rainbow consisted of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.

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GMPS Ruteng, he said, chose rainbow colors to design trash cans so that people in the town could be inspired. That’s especially so the people can make colors for Ruteng town.

“Rainbow is entertainment and hope in the rain. Rainbow colors are expected to inspire people to give color to Ruteng town, “Otwin said while painting the drums in the yard of the Manggarai RSPD, Monday 25 March 2019 afternoon.

He added, garbage cans created by GMPS will be placed at several strategic points in Ruteng town. Such as, markets, offices, schools, and others.

Coordinator of Ruteng GMPS Education Division, Enok Tangur explained, Trash cans are not only patterned in various colors, but also have educational value.

Enok Tangur explained, the rainbow in the garbage can illustrates the different backgrounds of the people in Ruteng town.

“If these colors are well composed, that can produce a harmonious message. Especially in handling waste in Ruteng town, ” he explained.

He advised that diversity must be treated well.

Author: Ardy Abba