Three commissioners of the Manggarai Regency Election Supervisory Agency during a press conference, Saturday, April 13, 2019 (Photo: Ardy Abba / Vox NTT)
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Ruteng, Vox NTT- The Manggarai Election Supervisory Agency will give rewards to whistleblower of money politics in the 2019 election.

Coordinator of the legal division and violations prosecution in Manggarai Election Supervisory Agency Alfan Manah said, the award will be given to whistleblower who are able to show the formal material requirements for the practice of money politics.

The award, said Alfan, does not apply to whistleblower  who only inform the practice of money politics to Election Supervisory Agency.

“For example, residents report at least showing two sufficient evidence, sufficient evidence and sufficient witnesses. We try to provide rewards when people report it, “Alfan said during a press conference at the Manggarai Election Supervisory Agency office, Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Alfan said, so far it had received many public complaints verbally regarding allegations of money politics.

However, the problem is that legal facts are not enough. Investigation conducted by the Manggarai Election Supervisory Agency also found witnesses in the case of money politics unable to show formal material requirements.

“We are also ready to protect the witness, who reports we will protect, because there may be doubts when reporting for example, they are doubtful because there is no one protecting, their security guarantees are doubtful. But we guarantee that thing, the important thing is to have the courage to report, “Alfan said.

According to him, the problem of handling money politics has always been hampered by the courage of witnesses to reveal and the character of a society that is still permissive.

Another obstacle in investigating the case of money politics is because the community does not yet consider the practice to be a crime in elections.

In line with Alfan, Chairman of the Manggarai Election Supervisory Agency Marselina Lorensia said, she sought to reward whistleblower who dared to report the practice of money politics, by showing at least two evidences.

“Indeed there is no special budget, but this is one of the concrete steps that we might think about at Election Supervisory Agency,” Marselina said.

Author: Ardy Abba